Willing to meet sales targets, and consistent every week (there is a sales bonus).

  • Female, max 30 years old
  • Skilled to communicate well
  • Responsible and disciplined
  • Minimum education of SMA / SMK
  • Can work in team
  • Have an A / SIM C
  • Skilled to operate Ms. Office / Firefox / Chrome browser
  • Preferably have experience in the field of sales of at least 2 years

Electronics/Machinery Engineer

Responsible for maintenance, prevention, and repairs and checking related to mechanical, electrical, troubleshooting, and others.

  • Minimum education of STM / D3 / S1 Electricity / Electronics
  • Minimum 5 years experience for STM as an Electrician / Technician
  • Understanding microcontroller-based control systems
  • Understand PCB design, embedded systems, and electronic assembly (soldering and QC testing)
  • Skilled to work independently and in teams Ready to work under the target
  • Ready to work under the target