Corporate Startup

Large companies must innovate or die. Just how to do it. Companies need guidance; a journey that can begin the process of transforming their organization into an innovation engine. The Corporate Startup is a guide that contains proven methodologies — such as the application of Lean Startup principles and so on — to build a culture of innovation. Innovation can no longer be considered a side job. Innovation is a way of doing business in the 21st century and is a determinant of sustainable growth.

Most successful large companies, the focus is on the main products that have high income and profits. If the company currently still receives a large profit from existing products, then the complacency of success can lead to blind spots. Therefore, there is a need for a culture of how to develop, manage, and maintain innovation within the scope of an established company.

Value Proposition Design

A culture of how to create value propositions that cannot be rejected by customers Value Proposition Design helps you overcome the core challenges of every business - creating attractive products and services that customers want to buy. This will help you understand great value proposition patterns, get closer to customers, and avoid wasting time with ideas that won't work. You will learn the simple process of designing and testing a value proposition, which is very suitable to the needs and desires of the customer.

Business Model Generation

A culture that allows you to learn how to understand, design, and implement a new business model systematically — or analyze and renovate an old business model.

Marketing 5.0

A culture that can better understand and recognize its customers, so it can be more efficient in communicating and in developing products and services that will be offered to the market. We usually update, schedule, and respond to content on the client's social media pages.

We know more about its customers along with the responses and input provided by customers to the products and services offered by the company. We analyze how successful your marketing is and also to analyze the profiles and habits of your customers.